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Heavy Hauls and oversize loads can pose special challenges for shippers as each heavy haul trucking project comes with a variety of special requirements and complications. The challenges associated with shipping and transporting oversize loads include both finding the right equipment for moving heavy equipment, as well as obtaining the necessary permits required for completing a shipment. Additionally, many heavy haul trucking projects will require special route planning because of the added weight or size that can be associated with an oversize load.

Whether you are in need of heavy haul trucking service for a one-time project across the United States or you need a heavy haul trucking company that you can trust with your regular heavy haul shipments, our experienced brokers and professional staff are ready to help with finding best carriers for your heavy freight shipments. 


Because of these special requirements, oversize load shipping can be complex and difficult for many shipping customers to handle. However, at Newcomb Transportation & Logistics, we have experience planning and delivering oversize load shipments to the continental United States and Canada. 

Oversize Load Shipments are shipments containing freight or other large items, which exceed the maximum size limits that are legally set for specific trailers. In order to transport oversize load shipments you will typically have to obtain special permits prior to transport. Additionally, your shipment may also require special path our route planning in order to avoid low bridges, narrow passes, or other obstacles.

Newcomb Transportation & Logistics team has the knowledge and understanding to successfully manage the most complex over the road heavy and oversize shipments. With know-how in state permitting laws, requirements & restrictions, Newcomb Transportation & Logistics delivers professional level of service.

For Over-Weight or Over-Sized Shipments you would need just the right equipment and expertise which are required for handling any heavy haul transport. We work with many carriers with the right equipment which is available for heavy haul trucking projects. 

From planning a route to delivering your shipment, we can handle every step involved in the heavy haul trucking process. We can also plan and organize special routes as needed to accommodate any heavy haul trucking shipments. You can be sure that your equipment, machinery, or other heavy haul shipment will be treated with the care you expect.